A business is only as good as its people and we are proud and privileged to have an absolutely fantastic team working with us to make your experience the best it can be

Keeping us in Business

First off we are completely indebted to the team behind the scenes who work tirelessly to keep us in business and allow us to open our doors every day, without their hard work we could not possibly serve you, our customers.

Wendy Anstee, House Keeper is a fitness fanatic! She is up at the crack of sparrow’s to make sure we are spick & span and ready for the day and then she is off for a Funky Pump workout that leaves us breathless just watching it!

Colin Crowther, Building and Gardens maintenance. Colin’s my dad! At 72 he was in first every day of  the refurbishment and left after everyone else had gone. We are forever indebted to him for his hard work and advice. He did all of this for love but we now have him on the payroll to keep everything working.

Front of house